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MoonBaby is the first of its kind, MoonBaby is the only token that allows you to give back to the community, by investing in yourself.


Moonbaby Token
Moonbaby Token, abbreviated as $MNBY, is a fully decentralized BSC token that intends to disrupt the crypto industry by being one of tokens immune to weaknesses of contemporary cryptocurrencies. Moonbaby Token leverages a mix of cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques backed up with the best practices in the crypto industry to create a crypto token that not only appeals to users but also mitigates technical and functional weaknesses of conventional tokens. Moonbaby Token achieves this through its features.


We are all about the transparency, safety and rewarding our holders holding $MNBY. 

If you missed Dodge, Shiba & Lunc. It's not too late to moon with Moonbaby.

 Top features of Moonbaby Token include; 

Robust liquidity pool: One of the defining features of Moonbaby Token is its robust liquidity. To prevent transaction delays and frequent price slippages, the token’s tokenomics is designed in such a way that at any given time at least 55 percent of the total tokens will be in supply. A healthy liquidity pool will also play an integral role in pushing the price floor of Moonbaby Token higher.

Token burning: Token burning is an integral feature of Moonbaby Token. Minted tokens will not be subject to burning. However, for every transaction, 1 percent of the buy and sell tax will be sent to a dead wallet for burning. Token burning will reduce the amount of Moonbaby Token in supply consequently pushing its price floor higher. This will help mitigate the token devaluation risk.

Charity: For cryptocurrencies to appeal to more people around the globe, they must support a noble cause. The team at Moonbaby Token understands this. As a result, besides supporting onchain functions such as crypto trading and reflection rewards, Moonbaby Token will have an offchain value in the form of supporting charity initiatives. For every transaction, 1 percent of buy and sell tax will be deposited in a charity wallet. 4 percent of the minted tokens will also be deposited in the charity wallet. Charity funds will be used to support children living in orphanages. Moonbaby Token will partner with verified orphanage homes to provide orphans with necessities such as food, water, nappies, blankets, clothing, toys and much more. All charity initiatives supported by the Moonbaby Token will be outlined on the 

Rewards: One of the key benefits of holding the Moonbaby Token is the rewards that come with it. All holders of the token are automatically subject to the token rewards. For every sell and buy transaction, 2 percent of the transaction fee will be deposited to the rewards wallet. Rewards will be distributed periodically, and holders’ shares will determine the number of tokens they hodl – the more the number of tokens the larger the rewards share.

Fee: Moonbaby Token will have a fixed transaction fee of 8 percent for both buy and sell transactions. For both buy and sell transaction tax, 1 percent will be burned as aforementioned, 2 percent will be sent to a rewards pool, 2 percent will be sent to a marketing wallet, 2 percent will be used to cover token development costs, and the remaining 1 percent will be allocated to the charity wallet.

Easy. Smart. Accessible.

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MoonBaby is a revolutionary new binance smart chain token which combines all BSC's best features to create a sustainable & versatile project, with limitless longevity. Our goal is to achieve a great reputation in delivering the best projects in the web3.0 industry.

Our Aim is to spread awareness about orphans and to make sure no child gets left without food and general necessities. We believe with a Great team of Experts, an Exciting roadmap and Tokenomics you can rely on

We can achieve this goal by everyone investing in themselves. We have Audited the contract and gone through the KYC process, in order to ensure our community their investments are safe and secured.

About Us

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Transaction taxes; 8% on Buys and 8% on Sells.
Low tax to keep Liquidity Pool at an excellent ratio with market cap.

liquidity will be locked for 365+ days
The tax is divided into areas based on each purchase and sale.

Marketing, tax to burn supply, tax pay to the teams and projects development expenses & charity contributions.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Contract Address 


(Please make sure the contract address is the same as above)

  • Rewards                -     2% Reflections share split between all holders

  • Marketing             -     2% Funds sent to marketing wallet

  • Development       -     2% Funds sent to Teams wallet

  • Burns                     -     1% Funds sent to burn wallet

  • Charity                   -     1% Funds sent to Charity wallet

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  • Develop Token✅

  • Create Website✅

  • Create Socials✅

  • Community Growth & Development✅

  • KYC & AUDIT✅

  • 1st Charity Donations ✅

  • LIVE AMA on Pinksale ✅

  • Crypto Cats, 

  • Gollem Gems ✅


Pre-sale Pinksale Launch🗓️

 16 December 2022 10:00am UCT 

 22 December 2022 23:30pm UCT

 Official Phase 1 Launch on Dex &

 Token claims on pinksale from presale


 23 December 2022 17:00pm UCT

  • Pancakeswap Launch. 

  • Launch Dex 

  • Host Lottery, Farming & Staking

  • 2nd Charity Donations.​​​


  •  Coingecko Listing

  • Coin Marketcap Listing

  • Marketing Campaign Including influencers

  • More Live AMA's

  • Articles on Major News Press

  • 3rd Charity Donations


  • More Live AMA's & Podcasts

  • More Influencers on media

  • More Charity Donations

  • Event & Competition 

  • Pre-sale Stage 2 

  • CEX Listing

  • Roadmap V2 & More to come

Meet the Legendary Team

Our Intellectual & Honest dedicated developers for the MoonBaby Community!

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